Saturday, 24 December 2011

My little pony, felt phone cases

Been working very hard on some new cases. a lot of doodling pic of ponies to get the right sizes to fit on the cases. this part I'm loving as I'm also painting so of the larger ones up for my little girls bed room walls..
 half way done on the  pinkie pie ones..

hope you love them as much as i do...
Rainbow Dash felt phone case
Rainbow Dash felt phone case
Rainbow Dash felt phone case
Rainbow Dash felt phone case

MLP felt phone case, fluttershy

MLP felt phone case, fluttershy

MLP felt phone case, fluttershy

MLP felt phone case, fluttershy

MLP felt phone case, Trixie

MLP felt phone case, Trixie

MLP felt phone case, Trixie

MLP felt phone case, Trixie

my little pony, cutie mark felt brooches.part 2

 So i did go a little crazy an got carried away making all these but I'm loving working on something that i love so much

MLP  felt brooches
MLP Big Macintosh felt brooch
MLP bonbon felt brooch
MLP balloon felt brooch

MLP mare do well felt brooch

MLP bonbon, lyra felt brooch
MLP Dr whooves, Derpy felt brooch

MLP Lyra felt brooch

MLP Octavia felt brooch

MLP Parasprite felt brooch

MLP Celestia felt brooch

MLP Celestia and luna felt brooch

MLP  Luna felt brooch

MLP Trixie felt brooch

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


My friend Dawn loves he marmite and asked me to make her this custom bobble...

Marmite felt bobble

Monday, 21 November 2011

Lola felt brooch

Number 2 in my cartoon brooches as my little girl loves reading charlie and lola books with us. i had to make a Lola brooch ...

Lola, felt brooch

after i made this i was asked to try to make a lola hair clip.. so i had a go.


As the hubby has been growing his moustache / beard for many years now he spends movember trimming silly new shapes into it..but for us girls we need to stick them on. our little girl loved pulling silly faces and even trying to talk like her daddy..

my little girl with a grey
 moustaches on sticks 

 moustache finger puppet 

for more info on movember head over to   and join in the fun 

Red rose bouquet and single roses

3 years ago i made a real red rose bouquet for my mums wedding, with a smaller one for her head braids maid. Then we made a red rose button hole for every guest.
awww look my mummy

Here is me to the left and my mum on the right. night before the wedding
 working hard to get all the flowers finished

But these items from the day people like to keep and sadly if you don't press them they just wither. 
So to make a bouquet of felt that will last forever an you could even pass down in the family has made me very happy..

red and black felt roses
single red and black felt rose


wreath's made with wool and felt flowers. These are my first 2 wreath's i have ever made was so happy how they both turned out..

pink wreath for a little girls room door
felt roses wreath with gray wool 

felt red rose wreath 

Christmas felt hair clips

Here is some of the christmas felt hair clips that i have made..

snowflake felt hair clip

holly felt hair clip
reindeer felt hair clip
candy cain, felt hair clip
snow man felt hair clip

Miffy felt brooch

i have started to work my way thou the list of cartoons new and old and miffy stood out as a good place to start...

Miffy brooch made from felt

My little pony, cutie mark felt brooches.

After getting my little girl her first my little pony toy the other day, we may have gone a little pony crazy in this house. Even the hubby has been sat with us watching MLP Friendship is magic on youtube.

Apple Jack cutie mark felt brooch
Rarity cutie mark felt brooch
fluttershy cutie mark felt brooch

Pinky pie cutie mark felt brooch

Rainbow Dash's cutie mark felt brooch

Twilight sparkle's cutie mark, felt brooch