Friday, 7 October 2011

Purple wedding bouquet

I  had made a purple and cream buttonhole felt flower a while back an i like the colours so much, i wonted to try a bouquet to match..
Using dark purple, pale purple an cream felt and a mix of buttons that matched...

purple and cream felt bouquet

purple and cream felt bouquet

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Food, Felt hair clips

Over the last year i have made many of these little felt hair clip, I started to make them because as my little girls hair was getting longer it was getting in her eyes. to date i have made about 80 different designs, so i will slowly update my blog with lets start with the food based designs..
fishfingers and custard felt hair clip..

cup cake felt hair clip
candy corn felt hair clip

Strawberry felt air clip
felt hair clips, orange, lemon and kiwi slices 

felt hair clips, lemon slices

Christmas decorations

As xmas is not that far away now i had started work on some little felt dec's for the tree. will be more to come i think little robins an candy cains.

Gingerbread man felt christmas decoration

christmas pudding felt decorations

felt buttonholes

last night after little miss was tucked up in bed sat down an worked on some buttonholes one to match the yellow an white bouquet in the last post.

yellow an white felt rose, buttonhole.

Purple and cream felt buttonhole.
yellow and cream felt flower buttonhole

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

felt Rose bouquets

was working on some new designs and ended up making a full felt rose bouquet. i know we are in oct but the hot weather here is making me still feel all summery. so know off to play in the garden with bobs, an will work on some buttonholes to match after she is in bed...

yellow and white felt roses bouquet

yellow and white felt roses bouquet

Saturday, 1 October 2011

First time blogging.. eep!

So, my first ever post, and I don't even know where to start - looking across my messy desk at my monitor, thinking my mind is as cluttered as my desk.  So, it's time to sort my thoughts and start my blog and I'll save the desk for a rainy day.

I've always made things, but it was only fairly recently that I decided to start selling the various bits of craftiness I've made.  I'll be writing about what I'm working on, and sharing some little guides to making them yourself, as well as telling you little stories about my life and my artwork.  Hopefully you'll find it fun and interesting.
I'm a mum to my 18 month old little girl, and a wife to a beardy pirate-looking hubby.  I have always been into arts and crafts, even when i was very small i dreamed to be an art teacher, that or a blue peter presenter.

So, hello!