Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fluttershy painting

anything to keep me busy and out of trouble.. so more paintings of my little ponies

Fluttershy sketch

fluttershy painting, base coat 
Fluttershy painting, line work added
Fluttershy painting, Finished

Drying above my desk.

Pinkie pie painting

I have started painting again, feels like forever since i picked up a paint brush.
But in doing so i feel so much better. painting is so peaceful.

So as the next project in my life if making my little one her very own space.
A toddler room is going to be so much fun. lots of paintings of the things she loves the most..

this Pinkie pie painting was on 12" by 12" canvas.
for my little girls room i think ill go bigger.

Pinkie pie painting

Pinkie pie painting

Monday, 10 September 2012

Felt Fox brooch

Sat watching the fox and the hound with my toddler trying not to cry.. yeah being brave.
so i started sketching foxes in my book, then vixen popped on the screen. thats how i want it to look as cute as her in that moment. 
Hope you all like her 

felt fox brooch

Lots more foxes in the making. 

lots of foxes work in progress

felt cow accessories

I was asked to make some little bits for a little girl who is mad on cows..
so here is a matching set of felt cows

felt cow brooch

felt cow hair clips

felt cow bobbles

felt cameo brooches

Have to say these are my favourite things i have ever made. I got round to watching the new sherlock holmes movie, an just as it finished this idea popped into my head..
so off to google to find an old sherlock pic, an some doodling in my book..

Holmes felt Brooch
But then you can't just have one cameo you need lots. so Alice in wonderland had to be next as its my second favourite book..

Alice felt brooch

Felt Name banner

Been working on some felt name banners for little gifts.
This design has little ribbons on top of each letter so they can be moved. so you can hang them across a wall or down a door.

Lily, felt name banner

Lily, felt name banner
Charlotte felt name banner

Joanne felt name banner

Joanne felt name banner